Her catchy melodies stay glued to your brain, whilst her lyrics paint pictures with words.

TRT MUZIK had wanted to feature Emel on there television program MELODICA

Proud Camden presents: A photo shoot with Emel Michael

Emel popped into Gibson to see us

A Rising Star - Emel Michael


Her catchy melodies stay glued to your brain, whilst her lyrics paint pictures with words, a captivating performance says; ‘Flux mag, Spotlight & Dropout’
Like a breath of fresh air Emel Michael makes heads turn.
Billed as 'The Clint Eastwood Of Music". This Singer/Songwriter is gaining attention not only here in the UK but beyond too!.

- This summer, promoting her Music Video 'EGG SHELLS' with Picture-scape will give Britrox TV exclusivity, screening her debut soon on Britrox TV (sky)

- 28th April - Making a guest appearance in a seminar to help and encourage young women and talk about her story

- 20th May she will have a live appearance on LONDON LIVE TV, interview and two song performance.

Looking for a publishing deal, and unsigned Emel Michael is a fresh talent waiting to be snatched!

Syncing agent - Soundcheque have billed Emel Michael for her music being one to push for Film/Tv and beyond.


- Featured artist on TRT MUZIKA TV in Turkey - watch the video

- Emel has been playlisted on American radio, Beat Rate - radio show in St Louise USA with DJ Derryl, who took to her sound & showcased her music to his listeners.

- BBC London Robert Elms 94.9fm, with Dotun, left the listens with 'Doesn't she have an epic Voice'.

- Had her first TV appearance with Robin Banerjee (Guitarist) & had an exclusive sneak peek video to show the millions of viewers what to expect of her latest single & music video on Arise News.

- Liveamp captured Emels show, where she recently graced the stage at the prestigious Pheasantry - Chelsea,

- London Live TV - Interview and Live performance.

- Marcus Anderson UK Tour (Princes Saxophone) player had guested Emel on to the stage with him and said 'Isn't she amazing' )Dean Street - Pizzaexpress)

Her website www.emelmichael.com will feature all the news and updates you are looking for

- Facebook - emelmichaelmusic or twitter: emel_michael will tell you more about whats she's up to, videos, and shows
- Sure is a wonderment, that this talented artist is revolutionising music to bring back it's magic, musically and visually.

- Sponsored by Sara Tiara & TED BAKER - global retailers who are also working in sponsorship with Emel who love to work with her

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@jimkwik Dec 04, 19:40

Follow your dreams, they know your way. https://t.co/XGSCf6Hc9G

@Emel_Michael Dec 03, 15:16

💃👟Tonight's a Night! @vasttevents Brings the vibes! LETS DANCE! See you there 😊 10pm onwards @iamdancrossleyhttps://t.co/8vOhgalS89

@Emel_Michael Dec 03, 13:55

FREE TRAVELL please!! OMG! Fairs go up & service gets worse?.. @TfLTrafficNews @TfL #travel #london https://t.co/SY7oJNPMwP

@canva Dec 02, 23:49

@Emel_Michael Awww, thanks a lot for the #canvalove. Greatly appreciated. Cheers to you :) ^rc

@Emel_Michael Dec 02, 23:25

@canva Great application!! Thank you ✨😊 #canva https://t.co/mJZvyJYSvg

@Emel_Michael Nov 30, 15:20

EMEL 〽️ICHAEL➕GUESTS-feat @omarlyefookMBE Here👉🎟https://t.co/37O9J8QAXY @pizzajazzclub #jazz #folkpop #standards L… https://t.co/8vvNWWXtDA

@Emel_Michael Nov 27, 12:30

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/PVcxEWVdne Michael Jackson - Speed Demon.

@Emel_Michael Nov 25, 23:48

Sneak Peek🙈🎥MULTI AWARD WINNING @pizzajazzclub Presents Music with EmelMichael @omarlyefookMBE #daveswift Full leng… https://t.co/2WdYFo5tqx

@Emel_Michael Nov 25, 23:26

Getting my HAIR DONE whilst listening2 @ollyofficial and watching @TheGNShow @tomhanks multitasking is a divine thi… https://t.co/Rws4aMiSHa

@Emel_Michael Nov 24, 20:18

Emel Michael - London Fashion Week - Behind the scenes shoot: https://t.co/GW26ch3j9q via @YouTube

@Emel_Michael Nov 23, 20:48

Getting ready f4something special ☄😊👥2be revealed..In the Ⓜ️ean time here's a recent shoot I did #EP #Album💿… https://t.co/Jw4qGvWT2G

@hypnotistchris Nov 23, 09:48

Ever fancied being hypnotised? Filming Manchester 7th December & London 11th December. Email: getinvolved@hypnosisf… https://t.co/FnbG9vwi2V

@Emel_Michael Nov 22, 07:58

@ITV @ITVLorraine Loving Piers Morgan this morning! Great start 2my day! 🚈it down2work,so I'll BARE in mind 2keep w… https://t.co/EiLqMSjnOR

@willyoung Nov 20, 20:15

I had the best time performing at the @606club thanks to everyone who came! Full video - https://t.co/JRhndAclu3https://t.co/JqzzSJWLCY

@Emel_Michael Nov 20, 15:32

CAPTURED - MOVEMENT 💫A moment is a wave of emotions that echo our past, present & future.📽 captured by… https://t.co/TzcHCOvCVE

@JamesKyson Nov 19, 21:59

How real men wind down after workout #Lounge #Fitness #Manlove https://t.co/iTufUw9UGy

@Emel_Michael Nov 18, 13:09

#FROZEN🎶❄️when U get a mini fan who loves #disney-Was a magical feeling being able2inspire this little 👑👧🏽… https://t.co/oF3cvQ3YlS

@Emel_Michael Nov 14, 08:50

HAPPY-150yrs🚒 @LondonFire 😊🎖🎉 Thank u 4protecting us & saving lives 🙏 @timeout #londonfirebregade @TimeOutLondonhttps://t.co/uuk1Axm3zz

@Emel_Michael Nov 13, 18:49

@NeYoCompound Sounds like the shows are on👌see u when your here Neyo..🎶 #show #neyo #music #uk #tour https://t.co/ktuUTs6zP8

@Emel_Michael Nov 13, 18:43

@WarrenWhitlock Thanks for the follow Warren! 😊

@Emel_Michael Nov 13, 13:55

RUNNING 🏃through the park&local town- Appreciating nature🍂🌿at its finest. Flowers bloom into WINTER colours☀️🌈… https://t.co/ewxrGvQc90

@Emel_Michael Nov 13, 10:18

Hey @Akon Watched a video how ur helping people in Africa #healtheworld making a difference. Ur words inspire &acti… https://t.co/m8NNcpVgYI

@AkintundeEA Nov 11, 21:27

Yes Emel!! :-) https://t.co/7i5HpIeqDh

@Emel_Michael Nov 11, 12:27

MULTI AWARD WINNING-Music Club presents @pizzajazzclub 21st JAN 2017🎶 @OneChoix @beyondmags @mayamendozahttps://t.co/cExJPh18tI

@GeneratorNE Nov 10, 20:59

Artists/bands, don't forget the deadline for @PRSFoundation's next round of #Momentum funding is 15th Nov: https://t.co/3xUfSn8Snc

@Emel_Michael Nov 09, 13:13

MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL - EMEL MICHAELl Sings For PATTI AUSTIN: https://t.co/q7nunHiimI via @YouTube

@Emel_Michael Nov 09, 13:09

MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL - EMEL MICHAELl Sings For PATTI AUSTIN: https://t.co/q7nunHiimI via @YouTube



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