Her catchy melodies stay glued to your brain, whilst her lyrics paint pictures with words.

TRT MUZIK had wanted to feature Emel on there television program MELODICA

Proud Camden presents: A photo shoot with Emel Michael

Emel popped into Gibson to see us

A Rising Star - Emel Michael


Her catchy melodies stay glued to your brain, whilst her lyrics paint pictures with words, a captivating performance says; ‘Flux mag, Spotlight & Dropout’
Like a breath of fresh air Emel Michael makes heads turn.
Billed as 'The Clint Eastwood Of Music". This Singer/Songwriter is gaining attention not only here in the UK but beyond too!.

- This summer, promoting her Music Video 'EGG SHELLS' with Picture-scape will give Britrox TV exclusivity, screening her debut soon on Britrox TV (sky)

- 28th April - Making a guest appearance in a seminar to help and encourage young women and talk about her story

- 20th May she will have a live appearance on LONDON LIVE TV, interview and two song performance.

Looking for a publishing deal, and unsigned Emel Michael is a fresh talent waiting to be snatched!

Syncing agent - Soundcheque have billed Emel Michael for her music being one to push for Film/Tv and beyond.


- Featured artist on TRT MUZIKA TV in Turkey - watch the video

- Emel has been playlisted on American radio, Beat Rate - radio show in St Louise USA with DJ Derryl, who took to her sound & showcased her music to his listeners.

- BBC London Robert Elms 94.9fm, with Dotun, left the listens with 'Doesn't she have an epic Voice'.

- Had her first TV appearance with Robin Banerjee (Guitarist) & had an exclusive sneak peek video to show the millions of viewers what to expect of her latest single & music video on Arise News.

- Liveamp captured Emels show, where she recently graced the stage at the prestigious Pheasantry - Chelsea,

- London Live TV - Interview and Live performance.

- Marcus Anderson UK Tour (Princes Saxophone) player had guested Emel on to the stage with him and said 'Isn't she amazing' )Dean Street - Pizzaexpress)

Her website www.emelmichael.com will feature all the news and updates you are looking for

- Facebook - emelmichaelmusic or twitter: emel_michael will tell you more about whats she's up to, videos, and shows
- Sure is a wonderment, that this talented artist is revolutionising music to bring back it's magic, musically and visually.

- Sponsored by Sara Tiara & TED BAKER - global retailers who are also working in sponsorship with Emel who love to work with her

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@Emel_Michael Oct 22, 15:07

🌙LATE NIGHT jam🎶 - An Evening of THE BEST coffee in town! ☕️ @Aykut_Hilmi @starfish_loves @TimeOutLondon 👌 https://t.co/VygABHqDHd

@Emel_Michael Oct 22, 15:00

@iamdancrossley @TrampLDN @SubDivisionLdn @JackMorlenMusic @MaikoSpencer Can't wait!! 😃🎶 See y'all there

@SmythBarnes Oct 21, 21:12

No entry unless you are a model,star musician,journo or face @ Star & Garter Putney Wednesday 26th October. Faceboo… https://t.co/kbjuowlEs5

@SubDivisionLdn Oct 21, 13:11

Here we are, one week to go for #MBTF pre Halloween Masquerade ball @Tramp_London sponsored by @VodkaGhost . Dm us… https://t.co/2hW4VJVV3y

@Emel_Michael Oct 20, 15:56

GETTIN SHIRTY! 👕 SHOW EM How Its Done📸 @smythbarnes Fashion Shoot/ PART1 - Photography By@Dr_Dreps @tamara_dumashttps://t.co/rNxhiHufhG

@Emel_Michael Oct 17, 18:10

GOOSE BUMPS! #Mikeyoung Blessed voice, &passion4music, into our ❤️ Thanks2 @JKCorden 😊👏 featured him on the… https://t.co/2XAF3DXLYh

@VinylMePlease Oct 17, 17:42

The October VMP Store opens in 90 MINUTES..... https://t.co/ZmZklV0fII

@Emel_Michael Oct 16, 22:52

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/VBz6qYAbML Drone Hiking the awesome Hurricane Mountain in the Adirondacks - Drone Hikers

@Emel_Michael Oct 15, 17:34

LIVE-STREAM: https://t.co/Qzl3LQ1DwR👆 Tonight- 6:00 pm uk time on Welt der Wunder TV shares its online channel. Tun… https://t.co/SE3tQfogyO

@weltderwunder Oct 15, 15:27

"Go Get'em" - die Plattform für Nachwuchsmusiker u.a. mit @Emel_Michael, @thewholls & @beatboxerfii - heute 19 Uhr auf Welt der Wunder TV.

@LynnParsonsUK Oct 15, 12:33

'As the night moves in, Love takes on new meaning' Alexander O'Neal plays next @magicfm https://t.co/okeQeqzxXo

@Emel_Michael Oct 15, 12:31

@TheGNShow Your show makes me smile so much my face hurts.. 🤗✨

@babylon_london Oct 15, 12:29

Sara, @MandieGower and Frank striking a pose on the Stylist Live stage... Thanks for having us @Stylistlive https://t.co/BRdmGwYEIu

@piersmorgan Oct 15, 12:29

In America, I mean the Washington elite & mainstream media. All now desperately trying to kill off Trump. https://t.co/pmPyErDvuI

@Emel_Michael Oct 14, 11:51

FIND the inner strength✨2guide u through the dark days😔Only by looking within u can grow outward🌱🌺 & realise the wo… https://t.co/glTLkXwJPA

@Emel_Michael Oct 12, 18:48

WHATS UP?! Just Making 🎼 & in talks with @SmythBarnes #fashion @YouMagazine 😊 heads up-EP is in the works🎶 @frentlehttps://t.co/b5LNrSD2RO

@frentle Oct 08, 16:40

@Emel_Michael YEAH - IT WILL BE A FANTASTIC PART OF THE SHOW :-) #GERMANY "GO GET EM" #weltderwundertv @frentlehttps://t.co/BgdATxNdHf

@Emel_Michael Oct 08, 16:33

FILM / PR crew @indrastudios Bring together something exciting! #GERMANY "GO GET EM" #weltderwundertv @frentlehttps://t.co/Xb2iZirZiC

@frentle Oct 06, 19:11

Welcome to the show #EmelMichael #GERMANY #GOGETEM #frentle Saturday, 15.10.2016, 7 pm CET - also welcome @frentlehttps://t.co/zgJwOqKLcN

@Emel_Michael Oct 05, 18:55

@nilerodgers @purlyqueen @FrediSmith His soul graced us with his gift of music, our loss is full of hurt 😞 He leaves us with a legacy🙏✨❤️

@Emel_Michael Oct 05, 18:51

TODAYS TV-FILM/PR crew @indrastudio Something exciting! #GERMANY #GOGETEM soon 2screen my video on Thurs… https://t.co/Pfx4yL9Wkv

@AbelandColeHelp Oct 05, 14:54

@Emel_Michael What a beautiful snap of your delivery today! All your juicing needs covered for the week ahead. Enjoy! *Luz

@Emel_Michael Oct 04, 18:01

@AbelandCole Makes the HEART grow fonder! Fresh Juicing 🍹- #healthy #mind #body & #soul 😃👌🍏🍐🍇🍋 https://t.co/kooDm22t4g

@HotelChocolat Oct 03, 12:37

@Emel_Michael Hope it kept you snug and warm during this chilly weather - delicious!

@Emel_Michael Oct 03, 12:37

@HotelChocolat it sure did!! A perk to my day! 😊👌 perfec

@Emel_Michael Oct 02, 17:03

HOTEL CHOCOLATE 👌Divine & so yummy! My face says it all! 😄 @HotelChocolat #coventgardens Full of goodness!… https://t.co/vnCToawqmk



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