Her catchy melodies stay glued to your brain, whilst her lyrics paint pictures with words.

TRT MUZIK had wanted to feature Emel on there television program MELODICA

Proud Camden presents: A photo shoot with Emel Michael

Emel popped into Gibson to see us

A Rising Star - Emel Michael


Her catchy melodies stay glued to your brain, whilst her lyrics paint pictures with words, a captivating performance says; ‘Flux mag, Spotlight & Dropout’
Like a breath of fresh air Emel Michael makes heads turn.
Billed as 'The Clint Eastwood Of Music". This Singer/Songwriter is gaining attention not only here in the UK but beyond too!.

- This summer, promoting her Music Video 'EGG SHELLS' with Picture-scape will give Britrox TV exclusivity, screening her debut soon on Britrox TV (sky)

- 28th April - Making a guest appearance in a seminar to help and encourage young women and talk about her story

- 20th May she will have a live appearance on LONDON LIVE TV, interview and two song performance.

Looking for a publishing deal, and unsigned Emel Michael is a fresh talent waiting to be snatched!

Syncing agent - Soundcheque have billed Emel Michael for her music being one to push for Film/Tv and beyond.


- Featured artist on TRT MUZIKA TV in Turkey - watch the video

- Emel has been playlisted on American radio, Beat Rate - radio show in St Louise USA with DJ Derryl, who took to her sound & showcased her music to his listeners.

- BBC London Robert Elms 94.9fm, with Dotun, left the listens with 'Doesn't she have an epic Voice'.

- Had her first TV appearance with Robin Banerjee (Guitarist) & had an exclusive sneak peek video to show the millions of viewers what to expect of her latest single & music video on Arise News.

- Liveamp captured Emels show, where she recently graced the stage at the prestigious Pheasantry - Chelsea,

- London Live TV - Interview and Live performance.

- Marcus Anderson UK Tour (Princes Saxophone) player had guested Emel on to the stage with him and said 'Isn't she amazing' )Dean Street - Pizzaexpress)

Her website www.emelmichael.com will feature all the news and updates you are looking for

- Facebook - emelmichaelmusic or twitter: emel_michael will tell you more about whats she's up to, videos, and shows
- Sure is a wonderment, that this talented artist is revolutionising music to bring back it's magic, musically and visually.

- Sponsored by Sara Tiara & TED BAKER - global retailers who are also working in sponsorship with Emel who love to work with her

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@Emel_Michael Aug 31, 18:10

CITYGIRL making MUSIC🎶 Write the stories, let the rhythm carry the tune as the melody becomes sweet cherry topping🍒 https://t.co/aYqomkGqRD

@Emel_Michael Aug 31, 09:39

@SIEDAHGARRETT Your creativity is endless & wonderful as u craft through the arts👏🎶📝🎨 it's inspiring🌈 😊 #inspired #creativity #craft

@Emel_Michael Aug 30, 18:10

RIVERSIDE- Taking in the air & chilling by the #riverside https://t.co/8ArLHZFtaG

@Emel_Michael Aug 29, 19:34

FEELING THIS tune right now with @ollyofficial Melodies make me dance&vocals that sizzle like the summer sun🎶🌞 https://t.co/E4dosnPDOx

@Emel_Michael Aug 28, 22:26

A N I M A T E your Mood. Trying out stock animation.. Made a nice little story.. 😊✏️ https://t.co/A1Ict4hI3r

@CodyJohnsonBand Aug 28, 11:04

CSTAT! Thanks for supporting my brand of country music. See y'all again soon. #CoJoNation https://t.co/MyLvQhNCHR

@BBCR1 Aug 27, 09:31

Radio 1's Summer Mixes: the soundtrack to every situation 🎶☀️🏖 https://t.co/QiI1OKtazb https://t.co/k9iCQJRMEd

@lisafaulkner1 Aug 26, 19:07

My @JohnTorode1 and I are on @magicfm tomorrow between 1-3pm AND we are at @BBCGoodFoodShow Hampton Court on Sunday. Tune in or come say hi!

@KissFMUK Aug 26, 11:24

It's the start of the loooooong bank holiday weeeeeekend!!! What's your plans ? I got all the tunes you need to hype you up! Who's with me ?

@BBC6Music Aug 26, 11:24

Welcome to the @laurenlaverne show where we'll have 3 hours of incredible music, @balearicmike's #DesertIslandDisco & @chrishewitt film chat

@Emel_Michael Aug 24, 14:21

SPAKLES✨CAPTURED by📸@handsome_music Studio session #sparkles #EpCovers @Popboutiquelady @LondonFashionWk 🤗 #colours🌈 https://t.co/cQOWjvMylK

@bbcproms Aug 24, 14:12

Behind the scenes with the man himself! Follow our @QuincyDJones Instagram takeover https://t.co/syGE1lHG9R https://t.co/3VewWgOD9w

@Emel_Michael Aug 24, 14:01

STRIPES🌈 ✨CAPTURED by📸@handsome_music Studio session #ep #stripes @saratiarahats @Popboutiquelady @LondonFashionWk 🤗 https://t.co/QA02aqLKHi

@Emel_Michael Aug 23, 15:14

@GARRYROSE37 @YouTube Thank you!! More to come 😊

@justinbieber Aug 23, 13:52

Big bro got a film this Friday. Congrats @Usher . #HandsOfStone https://t.co/GExObBhT2a

@iamdiddy Aug 23, 13:50

The #BadBoyBoxSet is now available!! 20 years of @badboyent HITS! Order yours NOW!! https://t.co/BAKmv04mzu https://t.co/SgsZK3u2om

@MarkRonson Aug 23, 02:02

Misono Crew pt II https://t.co/SzllkTHttF

@Emel_Michael Aug 22, 14:31

Enjoying listening 2u both @maryjblige @iamdiddy #blessed 🙏🎶 @RealTalk @Beats1 Spirituality, strength & love💜 https://t.co/Uu5me3q6y7

@Emel_Michael Aug 22, 14:23

MAKE A WISH ✨☄work hard&dream big, B humble 🙏 🎶 #CreativeMondays #growth comes with true #belief @RealTalk @Beats1 https://t.co/d1TUQq9AKn

@Emel_Michael Aug 20, 02:14

S M I L E😌🎼https://t.co/gSpXXAw4G6 #smile #charliechaplin @pattiaustin thank u4the inspiring workshop🙏✨@MontreuxJazz https://t.co/Q2Iwf3UJVI

@Emel_Michael Aug 19, 14:57

S T A R S ☄Align ✨embrace the moments that fill your heart with joy.. ☝️💜 happy Friday everyone #dreamer #singer https://t.co/kvQxTtzYXA

@Emel_Michael Aug 17, 21:02

@QuincyDJones✨Was a pleasure 2have met u🙏 &2 have sung @the Montreux after jam-Thank u2 @quincyjonesmgmt @marcstorey https://t.co/dV2OFyf4bk

@Emel_Michael Aug 17, 12:57

@britroxtv PROGRAM - Playing an exclusive video "Floodlights" SKY TV-Channel 212-Tonight 10pm!📺 #skytv #emelmichael https://t.co/VqloOLdnpH

@Emel_Michael Aug 15, 17:06

E M E L M I C H A E L- Follow my shadow🌗 photo-shoot (Chris Baker) 📸🎼 Music is an art from which to express✨ https://t.co/smrcI4bEj6

@LiveloPR Aug 13, 21:35

@Emel_Michael - Jack and beanstalk LIVE http://t.co/zTdFhmsOCh

@Emel_Michael Aug 12, 19:25

Enjoying the day @NYR_Official #sunshine #sisters 💛🌞 https://t.co/Y52Jb27h1r

@Emel_Michael Aug 10, 12:18

EMOTION invokes PASSION 4what we do👇Sneak peek of 🎼NEWsong🎶 @CenturySoho #emelmichael #Music #exclusive @sessions58 https://t.co/SZTsi1kBRk

@CenturySoho Aug 08, 16:59

Listen to the poetry in her songs with @Emel_Michael tonight at @sessions58 from 8PM! #music #centuryclub https://t.co/DhZ6coWv4W



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